Last In - First Out: Principle

In LIFO configuration (Last In - First Out), a forklift truck loads and unloads the pallets at the picking face. This is a pushback system. To load a pallet, the forklift truck pushes the pallet at the picking face towards the back of the lane using the pallet to be loaded.

When a pallet is unloaded, the pallet stored behind automatically takes its place, thereby ensuring that the goods are constantly available at the picking face.

  • LIFO = Last-In First-Out (the last pallet loaded will be the first pallet available in the front)
  • Increase storage density close to a wall or on a mezzanine
  • One batch per delivery
  • Easy stock control
  • Above Carton Flow FIFO lanes as buffer storage

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Interroll Products

Pallet Roller Flow LIFO lane

  • LIFO application (Last-In First-Out)
  • No pallet separator
  • Equipped with Interroll “One way” LIFO speed controllers
  • Rear lane end stop
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Cart Pushback Lane

  • LIFO application (Last-In First-Out)
  • Multi-purpose push Plate:
  • Full lane indicator

  • Pallet guides

  • End stop

  • Pallet guides
  • Up to 6 pallets deep
  • Cro...
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