Carton Flow Order Picking

The Interroll Carton Flow System is an ergonomic control system for warehousing which is designed to improve order picking performance. A maximum return on investment period of two years is ensured.
Almost all automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) are suitable for the Interroll Carton Flow principle, as the universal connector enables easy installation independently of the brand and manufacturer.

Automatic Order Picking with Carton Flow

Four different pick settings enable a high order picking rate of up to 150 picks per hour. This makes the Interroll Carton Flow an efficient, time-saving system. Combined with a pick-to-light system, up to 450 picks per hour are possible.
The system is also characterised by high stability. The installed technopolymer rollers are currently the most robust solution available on the market.

Interroll Carton Flow Picking System

The Interroll Carton Flow System is field-tested and robust. Our customers can adapt their system to their exact individual requirements. Carton Flow offers various options for this, including:

  • various types of guideways
  • back stop device for automatic product loading
  • brake clips
  • feed trays
  • different roller colours available

With the availability of different unloading types, the Interroll Carton Wheel Flow bed has been designed in an ergonomic way to allow highest picking rates and a fast return on investment.

With the universal connector, the Interroll Carton Flow beds can be installed on most types of racking, regardless of the brand, even in tough conditions up to -28°C.

With 4 different variants of unloading methods (from end stop to 5°, 15° and adjustable drop out-tray), the Carton Wheel Flow is the best way to increase your picking rate up to 150 picks per hour in a safe way. The rate can be increased up to 450 picks per hour when the Carton Wheel flow is combined with a pick-to-light system.

Interroll is the only European supplier with closed profile of the tracks. This ensures that the tracks do not open even under heavy loads. The polyethylene wheels assembled with full width axle are, according to tests and evaluations, the most robust solution on the market. In addition, many options are available to fulfill your specific needs. Interroll offers different types of guides, back-stop for automatic loading method, breaking and loading plates and more. You can choose between 4 different wheel colors: black, yellow, red and blue.

Your benefits

Learn more how the Carton Flow solution saves time and space, and increases the number of picking references from one rack.  

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Interroll Products

Carton Wheel Flow Bed

  • FIFO / LIFO application
  • Picking
  • Manual and automatic loading method
  • Different types of guides available
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Carton Wheel Flow Options

  • Entry guide
  • Entry guides form the lanes.
  • Full length guide
  • Full length guides maintain loads in the lane axis.
  • Fixed at the unloading side on...
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Carton Wheel Flow Track

  • Plastic boxes and cartons conveying
  • Back stop
  • Re-feeding device for miniload applications
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Carton Versi Flow

  • For applications where carton / tote widths vary
  • Alternative solution to wheel tracks if the bottom of the “container” is not compatible
  • Ideal...
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