The simple cabling and configuration ensures quick installation and immediate start-up. This is an opportunity to speed up your business and you will appreciate the benefits.

The easy-to-install and most energy-efficient 24 Volt portfolio reuses your existing frames to update your conveyors to zero-pressure accumulation.


The ZoneControl controls the RollerDrive EC310 in every single zone and is used for zero pressure accumulation conveyors that require ...

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ConveyorControl is a versatile control system for RollerDrive EC310, particularly for use in conveyors with zero pressure accumulation. ...

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DriveControl 20 / 54

The control modules DriveControl 20 and DriveControl 54 are the universal interface for RollerDrive EC310. 15 different speeds as well ...

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The MultiControl is a certified network interface card for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT to control RollerDrive EC310. With a ...

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Third Party Drivers

Interroll has tested various frequency converters and servo drivers from well-known suppliers for compatibility with the highly efficient Interroll Synchronous Drum Motors. We recommend using the controllers made by Vectron/Bonfiglioli.

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