Lagging for Friction Drive Belts

A lagging provides an advantage for drum motors, particularly for wet applications and in food processing, with its typical hygienic requirements. A lagging increases the friction between drum motor and conveyor belt, thereby preventing slippage. On top of that, it is resistant to external influences such as oil, fuels, and other chemicals that may be used for cleaning. Depending on the application, different profiles are available: For high volumes of liquid, a longitudinal grooved lagging redirects moisture between belt and motor, a center V-groove ensures precise belt tracking. Laggings are available in cold and hot vulcanization, whereby the latter meets particularly strict hygiene requirements.

Note: It is important to incorporate a calculation of belt pull and speed that is adjusted to the greater outer diameter of the drum motor.


Hot or cold vulcanized NBR

Other materials on request

Temperature range

−40 to +120 °C

Shore hardness

65 and 70 ± 5 Shore A

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