Tapered Universal Conveyor Roller Series 1700KXO

Driven unit handling conveying, such as transport of cardboards, containers or tires. Suitable for implementing gravity or driven roller curves. Tight curve radii are possible if tapered elements with a conicity of 2.2° are used.

This roller series has been proven millions of times. The roller offers a very high degree of functional dependability.

The use of precision ball bearings, Technopolymer bearing housings and seals result in very quiet running.

The roller excels with a good protection against coarse dirt and dripping water. An integrated groove ensures that water can be rejected.

The tapered elements made of polypropylene distinguish themselves with a low net weight so that good startup properties can be achieved.

The tapered elements are abrasion-proof, noise-reducing, impact-resistant and excel through a high weather-resistance.

Tapered Universal Conveyor Roller Series 1700KXO (PDF. 377 KB) Download