Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50

Perfectly suited for use in gravity conveyors, in end points at sorters and spiral conveyors.

The purely mechanical solution renders a cabling or control redundant.

The contact-free eddy current brake operates maintenance and wear-free. It features the same high service life like a standard conveyor roller.

The gearless construction enables a softer startup which is already suitable for materials starting at 500 grams.

Materials up to 35 kg can be decelerated. The tube diameter of 51 mm provides the necessary higher surface to rollers with a 50-mm tube diameter given the same fastening height and allows optimal braking.

The fastening holes of the conveyor rollers can be used so that no fastening holders with additional profile holes have to be used. The direction-independent function rules out assembly errors.

No emissions to the outside are being generated, such as magnetism, which allows conveying even sensitive materials, such as electronic components.

The design with PU sleeve also decelerates critical materials in a reliable way.

Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 (PDF. 559 KB) Download

MSC 50: stay on top of gravity!

World premiere: MSC 50