The Interroll Academy is the education and training department of Interroll.

The Interroll Academy is the driving force in further transforming the Interroll Group into a learning organisation.

Our continuous investments in modern learning methods, training facilities and equipment underline our strong commitment to education for our employees as well as for our customers and partners. Furthermore, state-of-the-art training equipment and hands-on exercises ensure efficient learning and a high level of motivation of our learners.

Employee's Academy

For us, employee education and continuous development of competences is a core asset and a strategic goal. Therefore we train our people to be "Best in Class" with respect to customer commitment, responsiveness and knowledge. Our students, who are from all parts of the Interroll organization, are trained on the Interroll portfolio and our customer's applications, but they also receive support for their daily operations.

By our continuous training efforts each individual employee is enabled to exploit his/her talents in the most optimal way. Mixing traditional classroom training and new e-technologies in blended learning courses helps breaking down barriers, bringing training to the learner's periphery and reducing travel cost whenever it seems appropriate.

"Blended learning" means the blending of different learning methods, techniques and resources and applying them in an interactively meaningful learning environment. The classical classroom training component still plays a vital role in our training concept. Nothing can really replace hands-on exercises and social interaction.

The e-learning component gives our learners the additional freedom to learn when, where and how much at a time they like. They can select the best activities to suit their own pace, learning style and level. Learners can be more independent and self-reliant in their own learning. They can also be more able to take decisions, think creatively and critically, investigate and explore.

For customers & partners

We believe that trained and highly skilled employees are the key for success - and this is probably also true for your company. With our experts, your teams can exchange ideas, learn about best practices and get an insight knowledge which can only be offered by a global supplier like Interroll.

We therefore offer trainings and workshops for customers and their partners on many different topics. It can be product, installation and maintenance trainings. Or a mix of all! These courses can be customized according to needs.

If you are interested, please contact your local sales person!

Video impressions from events @ the Academy

Leadership trainings

At Interroll we foster a Culture for Growth. That is why all Interroll managers and team leaders come to the Academy for their leaderhip program.


Customer visits

More than 40 young professionals from our customer Marel's "Young Professionals Network" visited us at our Academy to learn more about Interroll and our solutions.




150 guests from all over Europe enjoyed a day with interesting guest speakers, guided tours through our drum motor factory, our Research Center and Academy.



Interroll Academy
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